Water Mangement

Water is an essential & precious natural resource. It is a nature’s gift. Without water there is no life on the earth. It is as important to the fruit processing industry as to the living being. But, water is becoming scarce year by year due to increase n its consumption in industries & agriculture sectors & indiscriminate use /wastage by human beings

Pollution Control

Factory pollution is considered the main source of pollution in many parts of the world in terms of water, air and soil damage. Vast quantities of fresh water are consumed by numerous factories simply to wash away their waste, it is nevertheless true that the problem of global warming and the constant deterioration of the living conditions on earth does remain more actual than ever.

Waste Management

Solid waste management The solid waste consists of followings: Seeds of fruits Stem ends & skin/peel of fruits & vegetables, Pomace-consists of fibres & embedded pulp, Spoiled fruits & vegetables

Eco Friendly

A sustainable business is “One that uses the Planet’s resources at a rate by which nature is able to replenish those resources.” Our approach to this really took when we purchased a building we remodeled to National Energy Efficient Design standards

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